About Me


My name is Sharon but you will find me under the name of Sjerun on this blog ( this is because it is easier when picking usernames on the internet etc.). Anyway, i’m a 19 year old Dutchie (from the Netherlands). I love to travel and be creative and blablabla… there are a lot of boring things to tell you but lets do this in a more fun way.

Sjerun is/means: Rose gold obsessed, a loud laugh, Instagram addicted, explorer, loud singer, sucker for books, fulltime sleeper with a little bit of humour, absurdism & selfmockery.

What can you expect from my blog ? Diversity but all things I relate to. Aside from that I want my website to be laid-back and easy to read, you know that blog you read on a sunday afternoon with a cup of tea when the weather isn’t particulary great, but also the blog you would read in summer with a nice glass of iced tea (you don’t HAVE to have a drink in order to read my blog) in your backyard or by the swimming pool and then eventually you have to turn off your laptop because it’s getting too hot on your thighs after all this time reading.

The topics I cover go from lifestyle to beauty, health and travel. I just want to share my thoughts & tips in life and hopefully it will inspire just a small group of people on this planet. I’m figuring out who I am, who I want to be and what I want to do in life and this is what I want to share on my online platform(s).

I hope you’re having a lovely day & enjoy my blog!

Loads of Love,