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My Travel Plans For 2017


2016 has been a crazy year in terms of travel. United States, England, Malta, Belgium etc. You can see all of those either in the Travel Diary section or you can look at my blogpost of Looking Back On 2016. None the less, now I got to taste a small part of the world I want to see it all so I already got a few exciting trips planned and of course i’d like to share a couple of my dreams as well.

 Beginning 2017 – Malta

I’ll be in Malta til the 4th of January, finishing up 5 months abroad for my internship. It has been a fun and exciting ride but after so long I don’t mind going home to my family again.

Mid January – Amsterdam

Of course when back in the Netherlands i’ll pay a visit to Amsterdam. I’m thinking of staying there with a friend for a week and go and explore all the hotspots, café’s and narrow streets. This for my own entertainment but also for a few blogposts.

End of January – Madrid

At the end of January I will be flying to a friend who is staying in Madrid for a few days. Exploring and having a few drinks is what is the planning. I am actually quite excited for this one as i’ve never been to Madrid. I travelled to Spain quite often but usually to the east coast. Quite a nice way to cheer up dull January as the holidays and festive seasons have passed I usually get a small dip in these months.

Beginning of February – Paris

I have yet to book this trip but I can’t help sharing it with you already. One day in Paris is what I am planning on in the beginning of February, right before college starts again for me. Of course I prefered a few more days in the French capital but as it is very inexpensive to take a tour from my country to France I wanted to try it out. For just €30,- they take you to Paris by bus and back!

March – Helsinki

If everything is going to plan I am going to Helsinki on a school trip, amazing of course. I’ve never been to Scandinavia besides Ikea (haha ?) and i’d love to experience a bit of this culture upcoming years.

March to June – Antwerp/Brussels

I go to Antwerp almost every year but this year I want to make it a mission to visit Antwerp and pay a visit to Brussels as well. It’s been a long time since I have been to the ”capital of Europe” and so I want to visit it again.


I finish school in July and of course I am doing some summer travelling as well as of plans I am not sure yet. As I am taking a gap year I really want to save money for this. New York city is my ultimate goal so here are the places i’d (realisticly) want to visit this year.

New York



Napoli, Italy

Venice, Italy


Any suggestions of where I should go this year ? Let me know in the comments as i’d love to get some travel inspiration. Cheap options are even more welcomed.

Hope you’re having a lovely day and stay cosy.

Lots of Love,




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