Looking Back on 2016

Hi babes!

Looking back on 2016…there are quite a few amazing things that have happened during last year. Lots of travelling but also i’ve changed quite a bit. From crazy busy and eventful days to lazy ones, going abroad, to college and meeting up with friends. Here is a quick summary of my 2016.

Spending New Years with friends, lots of Amsterdam days, getting a scholarship to go to the US, be on my first long ass flight to another continent, go to school in Florida, visit Disney World (yes, yes I did cry of happiness, also a first), went to Universal studios, had Butterbeer, became a vegetarian, met and lost a couple of friends, Food truck festival, party in a gay bar in Amsterdam, had lunch with my lovely mom, discovered matcha latte, went to a Bieber concert, had coffee by myself lots, Scottish friends came over, visited Antwerp, went to London, ride the London Eye, had Afternoon tea in front of Windsor castle, loads of photobooth fun, had an ice cream in the shape of a rose, re-launched my website, numerous Lush baths, bought a Louboutin lipstick in Harrods, bought a Go Pro, 5 months in Malta for an internship, went snorkling (with the Go Pro), jet skiing (also with Go Pro of course), went to Comino Island aka Blue Lagoon, drank Mojito out of a pineapple, first Black Friday shopping, visited the ancient city of Mdina, read a heck of a lot of books, discovered Italian croissants and cappuccino’s, visited Gozo, visited Azure Window, went inside Mosta church, Discovered all of Malta, lived on my own for the very first time, had a lovely Christmas with good people, lots of Sushi dates, BFF came to visit me abroad and I bought my first designer bag!

I’m so grateful and thankful for 2016. The travelling I was able to do over this small period of time. USA, Belgium, England and 5 months in Malta. It has been a crazy ride but a fun one to say the least.

In the mean time i’ve come home but not to fear I already booked a trip to Madrid and Paris for the beginning of this year. Soon i’ll graduate and so I have no doubt that 2017 is going to be amazing as well!

How was your 2016 ? Any fun trips or small things that made you happy ? Let me know as I am ¬†would love to know. Hope you’re having a good start of the year, stay cosy.

Lots of love,




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