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Hotspot: Bagels & Beans | Netherlands

I’m introducing something new on my blog today. Something that i’ve been willing to do for such a long time (and by long I mean long). I just never knew how or what I wanted it to be. I love sharing lovely café’s, nice places to have lunch at or small independant shops with my friends or on Instagram but never really on my blog. Even though I go to these places often. There is something about having a coffee or cup of tea by yourself or with friends, perhaps even together with your mom it’s lovely, to go out but without breaking the bank. It’s relaxing, maybe even read a book, work on your laptop or just look at people passing by.

This is how ”Hotspots” is going to be on my blog: small blogposts with a few pictures and some information. I’ll include the menu and social media link for you to check out and what my thoughts are of the that place. Laid-back and easy to read with one hotspot at a time (as I wanted to do a lot of hotspots in one blogposts at first).

Now… I think this is one of my favourite places to go to. For breakfast, coffee, lunch, snacks, take-away and all kinds of other goodies. Also some great news is that Bagels & Beans has several locations scattered all of the Netherlands. So whenever you’re visiting Amsterdam or want to go to other cities (there is much more to see than just Amsterdam you know) there is a good chance you will pass by one of these places. This is especially a good lunch room if you’re a travelling vegan or vegetarian but do not worry meat-eaters they have carnivorous food too. There is something for everyone and everything is healthy, bonus!



“What’s that weird green drink we always see on your Instagram Sharon?” It’s my most favourite drink ever (and I absolutely LOVE it). It’s a matcha latte, this drink is made of Japanese green tea powder and soy milk. Sweet, delicious and of course: healthy. Whenever me and my friends come in the staff knows what to make.. embarrasing or cool? I’m undecided.


What I like so much about the locations I go to in my hometown is the atmosphere. Such lovely staff, I may say this about a lot of the places I go to, but these people are exceptional. They actually remember you, care about their job and the environment and always have a chat with you. Even better is that this lunch room is near my house and college. So whenever I have some time off or really have to concentrate on my work I go there. No distractions, good environment to work and the Wi-Fi is really great.

As always I’m including the menu.


Bagels with buffalo mozzarella, vegan ”chicken” and hummus, they have it all. Want an oat bagel ? Or white? Spelt flour? The sky is the limit. Salads, cakes, breakfast foods,yoghurts and my personal favourite: tapas bagels. You get sliced bagels and a large plate of different toppings to share. Nice to do with a friend, significant other or even your mom for a lovely day out.

Hope you enjoyed taking a look at one of my favourite places in my hometown (also love the ones in Eindhoven, The Hague and Amsterdam).

Let me know in the comments if you enjoy these kinds of blogposts and what you’d like to see next! What is your favourite place to go to ? I’d love to know. Thankyou so much for reading and until next time.

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