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Travel Diary: Comino Island

Hi babes!

Yes technically Comino is a part of Malta but this beautiful and stunning deserted island deserved a special Travel Diary mention. The water so blue, fish swimming at your feed, the massive rocks and with the warm sun on your skin it feels just like paradise. It’s almost like you’re in Hawaii or Australia but really you are still in Europe. Drinking a nice fruity Mojito out of a pineapple (10 bucks well spend) and dive into the sea, this was one of the best days.. Even though it was a low key and relaxed experience it was such a good one.



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Have you ever been to Comino ? I think Malta is so underrated and easily forgotten with all the big countries and famous cities in Europe. It is quite the paradise experience to be fair. Inexpensive and great fun! Hope you enjoyed taking a look into my travel diary and thankyou so much for reading. Until next time!

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I have pretty much travelled the world, but Comino remains my fav place. Honestyly <3




Yes, it’s just stunning!


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such a nice photos!

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Thankyou so much 🙂


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