My Week in Pictures,

My Week In Pictures #4

Hi babes!

Last week was a massive rollercoaster.. it consisted of lots and lots of croissant, even more cappuccino’s, 2 flights in one weekend, 2 countries, experiencing summer and autumn weather, cuddling with my most favourite animal on this earth and some christmas shopping. Quite an eventful week i’d say.

This is a week in my life.


img_7742Monday morning consisted of editing photos for my Instagram, social media addicted it is.



The company I am doing my internship at sells these beautiful copper mugs, love! Going to get myself a few when I go back home I think.


Italian croissant to help me get through Monday.



Tuesday morning has got me like…


More croissants! Told you this week consisted of croissant only.


I went to Christmas paradise on Wednesday. 3 levels of winter wonderland that is.


Making dinner every night has sure been a challenge but I think i’m doing alright. Bruchetta & salad on Thursday.


MALTA > AMSTERDAM. On a very early mornig on Friday it was time to board.


Traffic in Malta was a disaster due to a storm. I waited for 2 hours on a bus that never came while standing in pouring rain. I almost missed my flight by a few minutes and so I needed some coffee and breakfast to warm me up.


I was soaking wet during the 3 hours on the plane but none the less.. this view never dissapoints.

img_7798Finally I was homeeeee! I got to cuddle with the friendliest dog on this earth (together underneath a blanket on the couch is. This is where dreamsssss are made offfff)


Heading into town on Saturday. Doing some (early) Christmas decoration shopping with my mom.



Matcha lattes on Autumn days, it’s a big yes from me.


Autumn trees & a crisp morning breeze


Because I had to take the last train to Amsterdam at 1:00 and my flight leaving at 5:00 I had quite some time to kill at the airport as well as skipping a night. I had cake and a latte (hmm something to do with pumpkin?) at 2:00 in the morning. Oh wel.. not like that happened before.



With being practically the only one on the plane I got an amazing extra space seat for free. FOR FREE!!!! A great ending of the week/beginning of the next week.


I hope your week was just as great as mine. I’ve had too much lattes yes I know (you don’t have to tell me) but it were a few very busy/eventful days so I needed them. Thankyou so much for reading and until next time!

Lots of love,



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