Hi babes, today i’ve got some very exciting news (at least it is to me..). I have a new website! New format, new categories, new hosting, new lay-out, new everything. 

You might have seen that I wasn’t writing or posting a lot on the blog lately. This was because I didn’t like the old format and lay-out of my website. It was quite childish and the topics I wanted to cover a year ago were just not really my thing anymore. Even though I love beauty and make up very much I just didn’t enjoy making these kinds of posts. I don’t know what it was or is but there is something in me that just feels like it’s not interesting enough for me to cover on my blog. Especially because there are so many good beauty blogs outs there.  I did a few ”quick reviews” yes. And I liked those, but lifestyle, interior design and travel just excites me more to write about. Feel good posts, Interior design inspiration, travel diaries is what I love doing most.

So I was trying  to do something that wasn’t my thing and that’s why I got frustrated or unmotivated.. I don’t really know. I just tried to do something else than I actually wanted to do and I tried so hard to be proffesional like other big bloggers, and in the end, that’s not what I am trying to do here. This is my hobby. My pictures not always perfect or high quality, my English not always correct and neither would you find longs ass paragraphs or rants over here. I want my blog to reflect me. My writing to include silly jokes. Maybe i’m not that interesting or different from other bloggers and maybe I don’t get a lot of hits or will I ever earn money, but it’s not what I am aiming for. I just want to do what I want to do. I want to share my creativity and yes I want to blogposts where I include pictures of pinterest instead of mine because that is what inspires me. I love organising parties and other small surprises for the people around me, I love interior design even though I only have a bed room, I love beauty and fashion, I love love love to travel and to take photos, I love having coffee at cute cafe’s by myself, I love reading books, I love going on adventures, to draw, paint and whatever. I love doing these things, I enjoy doing the things I love and I like being me.

No pressure anymore.

I am posting things I love to post from now on and if I don’t want to post anything ? Then I won’t. I rather put something up which is nice than putting a blogpost up just for the sake of posting something.

Yes yes i’ll stop rambling. I just wanted to do something special for launching my new blog instead of doing it unnoticed. I figured to buy some balloons (those things are so expensive!) and (tried) to make some lovely pictures. Also I don’t know how these Instagram hipsters do it but trying to take cute pictures with the wind blowing the balloons in all sorts of directions, it’s an absolute disaster. Please someone give me a lesson on how to be cool..but hey the end results are quite funny and I managed to get some nice pictures out of it. Besides,I can use these pictures for Valentines day now because the store only had heart shaped balloons left..oh well.







I hope you like my new blog! Have a cup of tea and look around because that is how I want it to be. If you have any remarks,tips or your opinion to share please leave them down below. Feedback is always welcome.

Hope you are having a lovely lovely day and I hope to see you soon again on my blog!

Lots of love,


PS. I would like to thank Erwin Bierens so so much for all the effort and work he put into my new website. I really appreciate you made my ideas come to life. Thanks you!


– Dress: Topshop /Sunglasses: H&M/ Photos: Carter 


Sjerun is/means: Rose gold obsessed, a loud laugh, Instagram addicted, explorer, loud singer, sucker for books, fulltime sleeper with a little bit of humour, absurdism & selfmockery.


Rachel Kromdijk

wauw amazing pictures! goodluck with everything!



Thankyou so much! Appreciate your comment 🙂


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