My Week in Pictures,

My Week In Pictures #2

This week was the first week of my school break and involved resting but some fun activities as well! Here is my week in pictures part two.


Monday was a chill day for me, one I haven’t had in a while. Watching some tv and chilling on the couch, nice!


But of course this cutie had to go for a walk and on this lovely day I took her out. Spring is coming..along with the lovely flowers.


Tuesday I was back at it again with a nice and long work out. After work out car selfie  ? Check.


Wednesday was a national Dutch holiday, Kingsday. Everybody dresses in orange and then.. let the party begin!


Another selfie was needed.


On Thursday I made a nice and big smoothie. 1 banana, 1 orange, strawberries, a bit of soy milk and tadaa! Delicious smoothie it is.


When going to Starbucks on Saturday I discovered the new cups they’ve created. They look beautiful and put me in such a spring mood.


Sunday I went downtown for a bit but before that I experimented with a bit of make up. How do you like the blue dots ? Also did I get my eyebrows done this week. Luckily they look fresh again!

So this was another week in pictures. I’ve got some exciting things coming up next week so I want to do one for the following week as well. What were you up to this week ? I would love to know. Also a quick side note: if you want daily updates of my life go and follow me on Instagram.

Thankyou so much for reading and hopefully until next time.


Sjerun is/means: Rose gold obsessed, a loud laugh, Instagram addicted, explorer, loud singer, sucker for books, fulltime sleeper with a little bit of humour, absurdism & selfmockery.

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