My Favorite Lush Products pt. 3


A little while back I told you about my favorite lush products and then suddenly there was a favorite lush products part 2 as well! since then I tried out lots more products. So many products that I decided to make a part 3.  You probably know this already but I like the fact that Lush is clean, against animal testing and that natural ingredients are used. I just love testing out their products (with the excuse being that I have to for my blog) and since there was a 50% discount in their stores I jumped on it and went a little bit crazy.. most of these products I bought for half the price they normally would be. Isn’t that amazing ?

Lets get into it,

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Blackberry – Bath Bomb

You probably already know this about me but I love blueberries.. and everything that represents it, so when I saw this I was thrilled. The scent is amazing, it is wweet mixed  with a very fresh scent and it’s just lovely. Also does this bath bomb make your bath bright purple and I love it.  Only downside ? It stains your bathtub like hell.

DSC00103DSC00105 (2)

Magic Wand – Bubble bar

This has to be one of my favourites! Since I saw this product everywhere online I just had to get it and give it a try.. and luckily without regret. The scent is so nice and sweet. Also do you really get to choose the amount of bubbles you want into your bath, that it is re-usable is a huge plus.


Rose Jam – Bubbleroon

Another bubble bar with a very sweet scent, it’s becoming a pattern now is it ? I just love a very candy sweet scent for my baths and the bubbles are a bonus. Ding ding ding.. another winner.

DSC00112 (2)

Yoga Bomb – Bath bomb

This is very different from all of the products shown before. This bath bomb has a very warm and almost spicy scent to it and I actually loved using this. It is so relaxing and calming and the bright colours that come out of this bath bomb is just an added bonus, you should really give this a try if you can.


Super Daddy O – Conditioner bar

I like that this is easy to take with you while traveling and that it so different. It is easy to use and the scent is lovely and a bit spicy, if you want your hair to become healthy again this could definitely be a product to add to your hair care routine.

I hope you enjoyed the 3rd part of my favorite lush products, do check out the two previous ones if you like. This one was a bit more filled with bath bombs even though i’m much more a fan of their skin care products but hey hopefully there will be another one coming soon.

What is your favourite Lush product or which product should I try next ? Let me know in the comment, have a lovely day.



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