18 Original Date Ideas

Here are 18 original date ideas you can do this valentines day or just whenever you want really.

  • plan a holiday together on the internet (without actually going)
  • themed movie night
  • go to a food market
  • film a tag (without posting it online)
  • see a psychic for fun
  • take a painting class together, or any class really
  • do the 36 questions to fall in love
  • watch a documentary
  • go paintballing
  • go to a strawberry farm
  • play board games all day
  • have a spa day at home
  • have a (bagel) picknick
  • both dress really chic, go out and pretend it’s your first date
  • get a sushi take away
  • make dinner together (don’t forget about dessert!)
  • do something positive together
  • learn each other your favorite games





Happy valentines day in advance! Hopefully you and your boyfriend will have a good one and if you do try one of these out let me know in the comments down below. Thankyou so much for reading, hope you enjoyed it.




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