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Lovely Day Out: Visiting ”Rijksmuseum”

I’m Dutch. You know that tiny country next to Germany ? Yep that’s where I live. Even though I was born and raised here I have never been to the ”Rijksmuseum”, one of the most famous museums of the Netherlands. You probably recognize it from the big sign I AMsterdam in front of it.

When we had to pick a museum to visit for one of my college classes I immediately knew that I wanted to visit the ”Rijksmuseum”. So with a train ticket and a cup of coffee I decided to go to Amsterdam.

Since I am 18 the museum offered a free entree ticket and I was pretty pleased about that to say the least. If you follow my blog you will know I am obsessed with architecture and old buildings so the outside of the museum was already exciting for me. It’s so beautiful with attention to details while being such a big building. It has lovely gardens and in the middle of the building is a tunnel so you can get easily to the other side of Amsterdam. The entree of this beautiful building is very modern compared to the outside, quite a funny contrast if you ask me (I know you didn’t ask but I told you anyway). When visiting different floors and rooms each have their own style, feeling and certain period in time and the paintings and artwork are amazing. You get to see pieces that are beautiful and intriguing, it’s all the elements together that makes it so interesting. If you would like you can take a tour as well but I just like wandering around on my own pace and decide what I want to see and what I don’t want to see. A tour is often quite expensive and sometimes boring in my opinion.

If you do ever find yourself in Amsterdam I definitely recommend visiting this museum, it’s really something. You will have a great few hours for not that much money, also you can take a photo in front of the sign, you know, like a real tourist.




I had such a lovely day out. Getting some coffee, looking at the building itself, looking at all the art work that are famous all over the world and just walk around thinking and dreaming. It’s days like these that I get excited about. Simplicity is key for me. That is actually where my blog name came from. I love the word simplicity, the way it looks the way it’s said. Ofcourse this is a common word and every social media and website was already taken with that username so I started to think and finally came up with ”Emplicity”. In the first place I thought it was also an excisting word but when I did some research I quickly came to the conclusion that it wasn’t, at that point I liked it even more. I just created my own word and til this day I am still in love with it.

I hope you have a lovely day today, enjoy the little things in life.




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