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Beautiful Buildings: Train Stations

If you want to get into the meaning and thoughts about the Beautiful Buildings series you can find that here.

One thing I figured out is that in Europe train stations are often giant master pieces with such amazing details. I think this is, first of all because the train stations were built a while back and also because what most people see first when visiting that city. They wanted to make sure it was impressive to give it a nice representation of that town. Anyway or anyhow these buildings are quite a thing and most of all, beautiful.

These are photos from the central stations of Antwerp and Amsterdam I took when visiting these two cities.




I hope you liked this blogpost and the photos I made. I’m pretty happy with the photos. Thankyou so much for reading!




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In the rush of getting my train I never really realized how pretty they are! Gonna be at Amsterdam central station in a few minutes and I’m definitely gonna take a look!

Great post xx



Aaww that’s really nice! Thankyou so much for reading and have a lovely day xo



Such nice impressions! Train stations are some of the most beautiful buildings in the most cities. One I especially loved is the one in Rotterdam. Here’s a picture in our city review:


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