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Travel Diary: Scotland

Last summer I got the opportunity to travel to Scotland with my boyfriend and his best friend and girlfriend to meet our friends who live over there and besides meeting them also to explore this beautiful country.

Right after we landed we got picked up by our friends. They made us a traditional Scottish breakfast and after finishing this we checked in at our hotel just outside Glasgow. After unpacking and taking a shower we headed out the door to get dinner, to play pool and have some drinks at the local Scottish pub and with that night our week in Scotland started off pretty awesome.
I could tell you in detail what we did day by day but i’m not that kind of a storyteller as well as it being boring as hell. So lets try and give you an impression of this lovely trip.
We explored Glasgow, visited the glasgow gallery of modern art, had quite a few drinks, did some shopping, went out for dinner like every single day, had scones for breakfast, explored Edinburg, went inside Edinburgh castle, had lots of hotel room fun, had a long walk in a national reserve, visited loch Lomond (unfortunately we didn’t see the monster of Loch Ness), went on a ferris wheel and got an amazing view over Edinburgh and last but not least met an awesome pug!
I can’t even begin to tell you how much fun I had and how lovely this trip was. It was so easy and without any stress at all. Even the first time flying in an airplane without my parents went really well.
The buildings were beautiful and the culture was very interesting to me. I liked that our friends who are locals guided us and showed us around. Ofcourse they know much more than any tourist ever could and they did such a great job! They are coming to the Netherlands next summer so I hope to give them such an amazing experience as they gave us!
Here are some of the photos I took.

IMG_5656 (2)IMG_5851 (2)IMG_5859 (2)IMG_5853 (2)IMG_5848 (2)IMG_5831 (2)IMG_5860 (2)IMG_5846 (2)IMG_5849 (2)IMG_5838 (2)IMG_5850 (2)IMG_5688 (2)IMG_5676 (2)IMG_5824 (2)IMG_5666IMG_5801 (2)

IMG_5701 (2)


I hope you liked reading and seeing about my trip in my travel diary series. I  love traveling so so so much. I enjoy every second of it.. I hope to go back to Scotland in the future.




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Nice photos, Scotland looks beautiful!



Thankyou so much for stopping by 🙂


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