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Travel Diary: Roadtrip Italy

In the fall of 2013 I got the chance and was lucky enough to go to Italy and visit all this different cities by making a roadtrip. I went on this trip with school so I got to go with some of my best friends.

The first stop was Florence, we stayed in a hotel for two days here. I was amazed how beautiful this city actually was. We visited the Uffizi museum, Fontana del Porcellino, Ponte Vecchio, The David  statue from Michelangelo and lots more. My time there was great and I loved the vibe of this city.

The next stop was Bologna. Such a rich and intriguing city as well. We stayed here for one day but that didn’t mean we didn’t make most of it. We visisted the Church followed by the oldest university of Europe which was build in 1088! After these interesting buildings we did a little bit of shopping and strolling around. That night we had an amazing dinner in a little Italian restaurant and our journey went on to the place of places..Venice.

We stayed in a hotel near Venice so the first day we got there by boat. The views and atmosphere of Venice were so incredible and it just felt so amazing. It made me feel very happy and it was something I will never forget. Everything you see on television or in the movies is true and it won’t dissapoint you at all. So after arriving we went into a gondola on the many canals. We also went into the saint Mark’s Basilica on the St Mark’s square. After this we actually got lost, Venice is really tricky with all of these small streets and so we were trying to find the rest of the group for over one hour.

The second day we visited the little islands near Venice which are called Murano and Burano which are known for blowing glass. All the houses on these islads had different kinds of colours and were very small. Everything just looked so cute and the little independant shops full of self made stuff were so lovely. After our little stroll around we went back to Venice to do a bit more of sightseeing.

The last and final day arrived and we went down to Verona. We actually got to see the house of Julliet, yes the one of the famous Romeo and Julliet written by shakespeare. I stood on her famous balcony as well. Some people say it is fake and all and that it was just a story but I really don’t care because the feeling you get at that place made me feel weird in my stomach but also a bit overwhelmed as well. All the love locks who were put right next to the balcony (I am a sucker for those), the costumes of a play about them, the statue of Julliet which you had to touch her left boob to get goodluck, it was a wonderful sight. This hidden house right in the middle of Verona just had something magical. Unfortunately Verona was the last stop and then it was time to go back home…

These are some of the photo’s I took in Italy, these photo’s haven’t got the best quality. I was a bit younger and didn’t have a good camera so bare with me, the beautiful places make up for it.


Italië 032 Italië 044

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This roadtrip was so much fun. From learning about culture and the history of this country to exploring different historical places and the hotel room fun with my friends to the lovely food and drinks and just the best time of my life.

This is where I live for..



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Vinh N

Look like a good trip! Just a random question, is it really crowded when you were there?

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Well I think places like that are all year around actually!


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